The Witton Feast

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2016

West Witton, nr Leyburn, North Yorkshire

The Witton Feast Cottage Show

Saturday 22nd August 2015

The Cottage Show takes place in West Witton Village Hall from 9am on Saturday. Entries are accepted from 9:00am - 10:30am at the hall with viewing from 1.30pm - 3:30pm. Entries are 25p for adults, 10p for children.

There are trophies for overall winners (adults and children) and section trophies for produce & floral, baking, handicraft and photography.

Adult competitions

    Baking and preserves

  1. Chutney
  2. Marmalade
  3. Jam
  4. Jelly
  5. Two savoury pasties
  6. Victoria sandwich cake (approx 8", not decorated)
  7. Cupcake / muffin, Jubilee-themed
  8. Four flap-jacks
  9. Four fruit scones
  10. Chocolate cake
  11. Fruit cake (7-8in round tin) made with the following ingredients:
    5oz butter, 5oz caster sugar, 3 large eggs, 8oz plain flour, 1tsp baking powder, 6oz currants, 6oz sultanas, 2oz glace cherries, 2oz mixed peel, 2tbsps ground almonds, grated rinds of 1 small orange and 1 lemon, 1-2 tbsps milk (if necessary).
  12. Shortbread
  13. Fruit pie
  14. Four savoury scones
  15. Homemade sweets (fudge, truffles etc. Six in number.)
  16. Cake made by a man only
  17. Sloe gin

  18. Flowers

  19. Floral arrangement miniature (no bigger than 6 inches overall)
  20. A lady's spray or a gentleman's buttonhole
  21. Three stems of Floribunda Rose
  22. Six sweet peas
  23. Geranium in a pot
  24. A single rose
  25. Vase of mixed garden flowers - minimum of 6 varieties
  26. Any herbaceous flowers - 3 stems of one variety
  27. Pot plant, house - foliage
  28. Pot plant, house - flowering

  29. Vegetables and fruit

  30. Four tomatoes
  31. Cabbage
  32. Three sticks of rhubarb
  33. Four potatoes
  34. Three onions - kitchen
  35. Six runner beans
  36. Six dessert apples
  37. Any other vegetable
  38. Four fresh herbs
  39. Four fresh hen eggs (one egg will be broken by the judges)
  40. Four plums (one variety)
  41. A bale of hay

  42. Handicraft

  43. Hard handicraft, made by exhibitor (woodwork, jewellery, pottery, etc.)
  44. Soft handicraft, made by exhibitor (needlework, embroidery, cross-stitch, etc.)
  45. Knitted garment
  46. Illuminated letter
  47. Painting (any medium)
  48. Greetings card

  49. Photography (size not to exceed 5" by 7")

  50. Photograph (People)
  51. Photograph (Dales scenery)
  52. Photograph (Suitable to be captioned "Oops!")
  53. Photograph (Four-legged friend)
  54. Photograph (Man and machine/woman at work)
  55. Photograph (Nature's glory)
  56. West Witton Feast (any year)
  57. A limit of three photographs per person, per class.

    Childrens' competitions

    Age of child to be put on each exhibit. No adult assistance beyond safety!


  58. Large decorated cake
  59. 4 homemade biscuits
  60. 4 cupcakes/muffins

  61. Natural environment

  62. Collage using natural materials
  63. Object made from recycled materials

  64. Writing

  65. Short story starting "Once upon a time in West Witton..."
  66. Poem
  67. Handwriting - set piece - The Story of Bartle* (see below)

  68. Art and handicraft

  69. Decorated egg
  70. Greetings card
  71. Poster designed on a computer
  72. Soft handicraft
  73. Puppet
  74. Jewelry - homemade
  75. Scene in shoe box

  76. Pictures (any medium, not computer)

  77. Burning of Bartle
  78. London Olympics
  79. West Witton Dog Show

On Penhill Crags he tore his rags,
At Hunter's Thorn he blew his horn,
At Capple Bank Stee he brake his knee,
At Grassgill Beck he brake his neck,
At Wadham's End he couldn't fend,
At Grassgill End he made his end.